Saturday, April 27, 2013

Create Your Own Tour with dio Places

Yesterday, I was introduced to dio by one my favorite bloggers, Heather, of Dollar Store Crafts.  I had never heard of the new social sharing site before, but I quickly became a fan.  I absolutely loved the interactivity afforded through the virtual experience as I shopped the dollar store and saw the items through the crafter's eyes.  I then explored San Francisco's Chinatown, toured Beth's house and found other places dedicated to design.  So cool!
I am a teacher by day and a DIY-er by night, so this type of tool appeals to both of my passions.  (It is perfect for creating a virtual Open House tour for my classroom or my home.)  Dio is like an interactive storyboard in which you can post pictures, add videos, include text, and link to specific blog posts or other resources.  I had to try it out!
I started my tour with my kitchen, my most recent project, and highlighted the before and after shots of the backsplash, the faucet, and various photos of the breakfast table (since here, pretty much everything revolves around food:).  From the kitchen, I added the other favorite space.
In this 'room', I included pictures from the pier and a few shots of my flowers. There is so much more I would like to do in the backyard, so I like the fact that I can keep adding to my dio tour. As I complete new projects, find design inspiration, or renovate a new space, I can include them in my visual story.  With dio house tours there doesn't have to be a 'The End'; like my story, it is okay to have a "To be Continued'.

Check dio out and design your own space.  I look forward to seeing what you create! 

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