Wednesday, April 10, 2013

#HouseGawking: My Favorite Vacation Home in My Favorite Destination Spot

My favorite vacation home came back on the market.  After a year since I first saw it, my breath was suspended as I spied it again on as I was shopping for new rent houses.  It is located in one of my favorite destination spots...Fairhope, AL.  Mike and I found Fairhope some years ago as we were waiting for one of the baby's football games to start in Mobile.  We wandered down the coast and discovered a quiet little town on quite by mistake.  When we saw the restaurant accessible only after a long walk down a pier, I knew it was the town for me.  Now, every time we head to the coast, Mike indulges me with an afternoon of shopping in Fairhope.
I can never seem to search for real estate without also perusing the homes for sale in my favorite city by the bay. This raised beach home isn't so much about the house itself though I love it,
with its native landscaping
and screened in porch,
but it is the whole feeling of the place
from the color choices
to the selection of artwork,
I love it all!
When you throw in the guest cottage
which is connected to the main house and the bay access,
all I can think is, "yes, please!"

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