Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Piece of the Past

A few weeks ago, land near us sold.  It was a property we rode four-wheelers on for years and loved to explore.  It was always fun to ride by the old home place and imagine the family that once lived there. When an acquaintance of ours actually purchased the place, we knew we wanted a piece of the past before it was torn down.  After a quick phone call, we had permission to "enter at our own risk" and take a souvenir or two.
The house had been solid in its day and was still filled with pieces of history.
(We saw a name and a date from 1915 written on the hallway wall.)  
We picked up a window, several panel doors,
 a Hoosier cabinet, a roll of wall paper and a couple of doors from the kitchen cabinets. 
Okay, so we salvaged more than one or two items, but there was so much good stuff!
 I absolutely loved the splashes of blue which we found in the kitchen and on some of the doors and I felt compelled to rescue everything.  My mother in law took one of the kitchen doors, 
wiped it down to remove the grime and wound up with this beauty!
She added the fleur de lis, but everything else is original to the door.  Needless to say, I want one!!!

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