Friday, July 15, 2011

Second Supper @ Herby-K's

When the boys were young, one sweet child, who shall remain nameless, would always ask for more food within an hour of eating dinner.  He didn't just mean a second helping from the previous meal; he meant an entirely fresh start, something else, something different.  He was always hungry...again:)  Our family began calling this fourth meal of the day, second supper.  It has been years since I have even thought of second supper, but tonight I think Mike and I had an extremely late lunch and early supper or we had both a first and second supper.
We were driving around looking for a granite store and realized we were just around the corner from a favorite haunt of long ago.
Herby- K's, a Shreveport landmark.

Home of the infamous Shrimp Buster!
Yummy fried goodness - does it help that the first supper was a green salad?
Herby-K's, celebrating their 75th year, holds many memories.
Mike and I spent many a Friday night atop these red barstools sharing a meal.
 It's funny how sights and sounds take you back.  After a few shrimp bites dipped in their signature sauce, I found myself grinning at him like a goofy love struck girl.

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