Monday, February 25, 2013

Grab the Paintbrush: It's Time for a Change

After 13 years, two boys, a dog, numerous cats, three bunnies, and one tiny gerbil who was more of an escape artist than a pet, it is time to update the house.  She is showing more wear than shine.  Scuff marks adorn our once white doors and finger prints serve as proof that children once ran laughing and squealing through this place in the swamp.  We have started out slow and easy, choosing projects that make a noticeable difference, but cost more in effort than cash.  First up for #MyHouseMonday...paint!  Inspired by this house featured in our area's Builders' Parade of Homes,

we choose a soft neutral which reminded me of beach sand.  
Not that I am usually inspired by dirt, but the thoughts of waves lapping over the sands of the Gulf shores
as I sat on this front porch was particularly tempting. 

The color in the inspiration home: Benjamin Moore's HC-172, Revere Pewter
      and I figured, if it could make my house look like this...
I had better rush right out to get it!!!

In one weekend, we managed to transform the living room and foyer
with just a couple of paint rollers and a gallon of paint!
For such a small investment, we got really big results.
Love it:)

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